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Commercial Contracts

From time to time disagreements arise in business that need to be addressed quickly to avoid them getting out of hand. If these disputes can’t be resolved quickly, your business may suffer. What kind of disputes?

  • Disputes between you and your suppliers/customer
  • Disputes between directors/partners/shareholders

Mediation offers a better solution

  • Mediation provides a neutral forum for all parties to talk, giving people the chance to understand each others positions and views.
  • Unlike court, mediation is completely confidential – preventing potential damage to the reputation of your business.
  • Mediation can stop problems escalating and getting out of hand
  • It provides a fast, low cost, high-value resolution
  • Mediation can result in win-win situations.
  • Mediation can save you money and time – so you can get back to running your business.

Prevention is better than cure

  • Mediation can prevent problems from occurring
  • It can help parties to negotiate amendments to their contracts
  • It allows people to air complaints over existing terms in contracts or agreements
  • It can help you to renegotiate terms of agreements
  • It empowers you to find solutions acceptable to all parties