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About Mediation

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where an impartial mediator helps people in dispute find a solution without going to court. If your dispute is already in court, it can help to bring closure more quickly.

Mediation resolves disputes with discussion. We will not advise you or impose a decision on you, instead mediation is about helping you to communicate, to find your own solutions.

You save time, money and stress and remain in control of the process. Mediation is voluntary and doesn’t have to be legally binding.

It’s about rebuilding and strengthening relationships, and looking to the future. We recognise that disputes are not always about the rights and wrongs, but can equally be about feelings and emotions. Mediation can help you to achieve a truly satisfying result that allows you to move on.

  • Mediation gives you the chance to come up with your own solutions that benefit all concerned
  • It gives you the chance to rebuild and improve relationships, by working together to find an agreement
  • Mediation keeps your dispute confidential. Your dispute is your business.

Mediation is about talking. We can help you to get a satisfying outcome by doing just that.