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How much will it cost?

We agree fees on a case by case basis.

For civil mediations:

The fees agreed commonly depend on a number of factors including the following:

  • the complexity of the issues;
  • the seniority required of the mediator;
  • the time required for the mediation, including preparation;
  • the value of the dispute.

For cases valued at up to £50,000 we apply fixed rates approved by the NMPA where appropriate. These are currently:

Value of claim
(per party, excl VAT)

£0 – £5,000
2 hours
£200.00 (by phone)

£5,000 – £15,000
3 hours

£15,000 – £50,000
4 hours

£15,000 – £50,000
1 day

The costs of a mediation are usually split equally between the parties, and are the subject of discussions between the parties and Talk Mediation against the background of the dispute proposed to be mediated.

For family mediations:

Family mediation MIAMS £100 plus VAT per party

Number of joint sessions needed – 2-3

Depending on the number of issues to be resolved and the attitude of the parties it usually takes between 2-5 mediation sessions.

Talk Mediation’s services are competatively priced within the service marketplace bearing in mind the following factors:

  • The costs of mediation must always be substantially less than the anticipated cost of dispute resolution by traditional methods, usually court based proceedings. Talk Mediation is keenly aware that this substantial costs differential is one of the key attractions to parties of the mediation process;
  • Talk Mediation’s continued growth is dependent upon the provision of high quality services at a value added cost. Talk Mediation believes that repeat referrals from parties previously satisfied as to both quality and cost are the key to Talk Mediation’s success;
  • Talk Mediation’s present rate of growth enables us to provide not only an experienced mediator for the purposes of the resolution of any dispute, but also a co – mediator or assistant mediator without variation to the agreed fee structure. We believe that there are substantial advantages to co – mediation or assisted mediation as appropriate;
  • Talk Mediation’s standard fees in civil cases are posited upon a single mediation. Talk Mediation appreciates the necessity for costs flexibility in a commercial world, and is accustomed to demonstrating such flexibility in the case of new client referrals, annual retainers and packages of anticipated multiple mediations.