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Consumer Contracts

Every day we make contracts –

  • Buying food and household goods
  • Booking holidays
  • Buying a car or a new mobile phone
  • Choosing an energy supplier

What do you do if your new washing machine is faulty, your new car won’t start or the holiday is a disaster? If the supplier won’t co-operate you can find yourself with the prospect of suing them or just walking away.

Even if you expect to win the worry of the costs and time involved often force people to walk away.

If the value of your claim is less than £5000, you can’t usually recover the cost of instructing a lawyer to deal with court proceedings – even if you win. So how out of pocket will you be then?

Mediation can be used to reach a speedy and inexpensive solution without the need to go to court. Even if court proceedings have begun they can be put on hold and the case referred to mediation to find a quicker solution.

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