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Terms and Conditions


Liability for the mediation fees


  • Mediation fees are payable no later than 7 working days in advance of the mediation.
  • If, for any reason, payment is not received prior to the mediation taking place and the mediation is allowed to proceed, this will only be done on the basis that the solicitor representing the party undertakes to meet Talk Mediation’s invoices within 7 days of the mediation taking place.
  • Failure to give this written undertaking at least one working day prior to the mediation will result in the mediation being cancelled and that party incurring 100 per cent cancellation charges for their share of the mediation fee.
  • Unless a party is acting in person, invoices will be addressed to and payable by the solicitors or other lead advisers of each party with whom arrangements are made for the mediation


Invoices will be issued upon confirmation of the mediation arrangements on the following basis:

  • First invoice
    Mediation fee for the preparation hours and mediation hours booked and other expenses, including venue costs
  • Second invoice
    Any additional mediation hours or expenses not included on the first invoice. The second invoice is payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice.
  • All fees are exclusive of VAT.

Cancellation and postponement

Notification of cancellation or postponement must be in writing

  • If the mediation is cancelled by either party more than 5 working days before the mediation an administration fee of £300.00 plus VAT is payable.
  • If the mediation is postponed it must be rescheduled within 28 working days or it will be treated as a cancellation and an administration fee of £300 plus VAT will be payable
  • If the mediation is postponed or cancelled 5 working days or less the total mediation fee remains payable by the parties and is non-refundable.



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