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Divorce & Finances

Moving on/seeing the bigger picture

A divorce or separation is never easy however well the separating parties get on. Very often the high emotions will mean that one or both parties become awkward over issues to do with money and how much – or if and when – a parent should see the children.

The reasoning for any particular stance taken by a party often has little to do with their legal rights and everything to do with how they are feeling – hurt, angry, let down.

Court proceedings often mean the feelings spiral out of control as each party becomes more entrenched. If parties can’t agree and a court hearing has to take place:

  • It will take many months of uncertainty to get a decision.
  • The parties will become more aggrieved and upset as time goes on.
  • The costs will keep building up and leave less money to argue about.
  • The children will usually get caught in the cross fire
  • Nobody will be able to move on.

Mediation can help parties to get through this painful time and minimise the financial and emotional pressure, so the parties can move on.


  • It removes the traditional battlefield of the legal world.
  • It enables the parties to talk to each other and not just through lawyers.
  • It encourages the parties to work together and look at the bigger picture.
  • It helps the parties focus on the future and not dwell on the past.

Do you really want to be wading through this emotional mine field, months on end, arguing through lawyers or do you want to move on?