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Wills & Inheritance

Family arguments often occur over wills. Disputes fuelled by strong emotions can often end up reaching court. This kind of conflict can do serious damage to family relationships. The costs of a court case very often have to be paid from the estate, greatly diminishing its value.

How Mediation can help

In disputes over wills, people are very often arguing over a matter of principle rather than a legal issue. Mediation can provide a much better solution than litigation:

  • it provides a neutral forum for everyone to air their views
  • the mediator can’t impose a decision on you – giving you the chance to reach a mutual agreement
  • mediation is much less harmful to family relationships than courtroom confrontation.
  • mediation is an inexpensive alternative to costly court proceedings – leaving the estate intact
  • the outcome is up to you – no one can tell you what’s right or wrong.

If you’re in dispute over a will, mediation can help you to find a satisfactory solution without the stress or expense of going to court.

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