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Friendly and professional approach. Talk Mediation controlled the difficult situation really well.
I found the separate zoom rooms really great! It meant I could discuss things with H without the emotional upset and feeling of intimidation, that I would have felt face to face. Infact it made the whole thing possible for me! You have made the mediation process very comfortable and productive! Thank you for all your time and support!
I found Mr Harris an excellent mediator as did my two sons C. and M. - he has a pleasant style about him. Thanks to Suzanne tremendously for her help in the past also.
Says on your web site you use Cookies but I have to say I never saw a single biscuit. Thank you Suzanne for helping smooth through what could potentially have been a very difficult situation. I would recommend you and the service you provide in a heart beat. I would also recommend a Coffee machine in the mediation area.
Thank you for making what could have been a tricky process a smooth one, you have been amazing! Would definitely recommend!
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice on Wednesday, you are amazing!!
I would just like to thank you for the excellent session today. I came out of the meeting with more progress than I had dared expect. Additionally, thank you for the progress of future mediation in January. That too is something I was not sure would occur.
Suzanne had an excellent attitude, approach and style in managing the mediation process between us. She showed great impartiality and understanding of the issues involved. Suzanne was very business like on the details but also showed kept a sense of humour which helped enormously. Would be happy to use her again if necessary.
I would like to say thank you for the progress that was made at our joint meeting yesterday ,it was the first time for many months that myself and xx had a constructive conversation and believe progress can be made with your help
Although a little apprehensive prior to my appointment I soon realised Talk Mediation was the solution for my situation. Initially I met with our mediator, Suzanne, on a one-to-one basis, where she gained my trust/respect as a professional person, and as someone with no opinion of the situation. I was surprised how comfortable I felt. Typically I am not the type of person who would try this method. In fact, if it was left to me we would have gone to court. However, Suzanne was a real person with real words. I was not sat in a room with scented candles and rugs on the walls. We discussed my situation directly, and Suzanne remained impartial, there were no sides. I agreed to meet with my child’s farther in the attempt to resolve our issues. I was sure this was not going to be successful as typically we cannot communicate without things escalating into an argument. However much to my surprise we actually talked like human beings, sharing our mutual concerns of our child’s wellbeing. We were both able to explain the whys and what for’s for the decisions we had made regarding our child. That day we turned a huge corner, and have reached an agreement that we both feel positive about. I am not saying my child’s father and I are now the best of friends, but I feel like we are able to communicate, which is not just advantageous to us, but to our child too. We both have the same aim, which is the happiness and wellbeing of our child. Thank you Suzanne.
A thoroughly professional and effective service and one that i highly recommend to my clients.
Excellent value for money. Made arrangements at short notice and helped resolve an issue where the opponent had been uncooperative prior to the mediation. High Street Bank
Talk Mediation were very helpful. I enjoyed their attitude and skill in arranging the mediation and their flexibility. The mediation was arranged by Suzanne superbly. The venue was a credit to the company. All our needs were very happily catered for thereby relieving the stress that is associated with litigation. But most importantly the mediator’s skill was much more than we expected. To put it bluntly a pleasure to do business with them.
Working with TALK Mediation mediators has given both staff and residents confidence that mediation can make a difference. We have had particular success in multi party disputes. It has been refreshing that no case has been too difficult for them to take on Head of Festival Housing
We were referred to Talk Mediation by the Central London County Court for mediation of an education dispute. Talk Mediation took on the role of facilitating the mediation by assisting the parties in making the necessary practical arrangements, for example agreeing a date and a place for the mediation. We found Talk Mediation to be very supportive of the parties to the mediation and all the arrangements went smoothly.