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Neighbour Disputes

Mediation can provide helpful solutions when disputes occur between neighbours. Disputes can occur over a wide range of issues including noise, racism and anti-social behaviour.

These disputes can cause stress on you, your family and on your relationships with your neighbours.

Mediation can help

Mediation can help you to find a solution to your dispute and help you to stay on good terms with your neighbours. It avoids the strain of calling in the authorities or taking the matter to court, can save you time and money and can provide a solution that satisfies all concerned.

When both parties agree to mediation, there is a good chance of reaching a solution.

Mediation provides a neutral ground, giving everyone a fair chance to air their views and complaints without interruption.

Those involved are encouraged to think up their own solutions – you remain in control rather than having the court make decisions for you.

Mediation provides a better value alternative to court proceedings, and can help you find a win/win solution.