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Contact/Residence Issues

When relationships come to an end it is very often the children that get caught in the crossfire. However amicable  the splitting up may be or is intended to be children will from time to time feel insecure and anxious.

In many cases the issue of whom a child/the children live with or how much time they spend with a parent will arise. The reason for any particular stance taken by a parent  may  have little to do with what is best for the children and be as a result of resentment over the break up or maintenance and/or a new boyfriend/girlfriend.  This will undoubtedly affect the children.

At the very least children need their parents to be civil to each other and present a united front to support them through this difficult time.  Taking court action is unlikely to promote long term relations over the children, will take many months of uncertainty and create additional distress to the children.

Mediation can help parties to get through this painful time and minimise the distress and emotional pressure caused to all those involved but especially the children.


  • It removes the traditional battlefield of the legal world.
  • It promotes a better understanding.
  • It encourages the parties to work together and look at the bigger picture.
  • It helps the parties focus on the future and not dwell on the past.
  • It enables the parties to agree very flexible arrangements that suit all.
  • It creates stability for the children.

If your children really do come first then put them first and contact us!