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Who Do Think You Are?

When: 21 & 28 June and 6 July 2012
Where: Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol Timings: 10:00am – 5:00pm – Registration at 9:30am Accreditation: 6 CPD points
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If you are bored with going to the same old mediation updating courses, are serious about developing your interpersonal skills as a mediator and aren’t simply looking to clock up your mediation specific CPD points then this is the course for you!
As mediators we have to be neutral, independent and impartial. But the reality is that we are as human as any of the parties in a mediation. This course will enhance self-awareness and your own perceptions and prejudices – whether we like it or not we do have them. It will develop awareness of a mediator’s potential influence, identify strategies for developing /improving a mediator’s style and identify areas for personal development.
This course has been specifically designed for mediators to critically and constructively analyse their own behaviour. How can we understand others when we may not understand ourselves, and/or have learned experiences that shape who we are but don’t necessarily reflect our true personalities?
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will be used as a tool to examine our own personalities, how we see ourselves, how we react to others and how we like to be treated by others. 

The MBTI will:

  • Help individuals learn about themselves
  • Gain a better understanding of where they fit in a framework that describes personality differences in positive and constructive ways
  • Enable mediators to appreciate these fundamental differences
  • Provide the mediator with a very helpful insight into why parties in dispute react as they do
  • Demonstrate why mediators need to be aware of different personality traits, including ourselves as mediators
  • Give the mediator an added edge to assist and promote the effectiveness of human interactions.

Other exercises will be used to explore:

  • Perceptions, prejudices and projections
  • How we influence others and how others influence us

Your trainer: Sharon Kidson is a mediator who works as a process consultant, business advisor and facilitator in a vast number of organisations from Plc.’s and local authorities to partnerships and family businesses. She specialises in helping organisations develop a competitive advantage, working at the interface of where people running organisations are now and where they would like to be.
Cost: £220 plus VAT per person to include lunch and refreshments and 6 SRA accredited CPD points. Places limited to maximise the benefit to the delegates. 
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